Mojo ‘Rail’ planter


Planting box to hang over the railing (less then 5cm) of a balcony.

  • Width: 60cm Height: 26 cm Depth: 30cm;
  • 100% FSC larche wood, made in The Netherlands;
  • With drainage;
  • Easy assembly with inbus key.

What you need:
24 x screws
Small screws
1 x Person

Step 1: Construct the inner part
You need the 3 smaller wooden planks
Screw the smallest one on top of the two other ones (the pre drilled holes also show you where to place it)
Like that you get a bridge shaped construction
Put the dowels in the holes on the side

Step 2: Add the two sides
Use the planks with the notch for the rail
Construct them with the inner part by using the dowels you already put in the sides of the inner part

Step 3: Add the front
Screw the two front pieces on the construction

Step 4: Insert the bottoms

Step 5: Hang and secure
Your Mojo rail is ready to be placed on the rail of your balcony
To secure the box use the rope

We grow 🍅🍆🌱ourselves but lack space in our apartment in Cologne. Therefore we create smart solutions made from wood.

Weight 9 kg
Oiled (natural)

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